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Bereft Bereavement Support was set up in 1999 to fill the need for specialist bereavement counselling and support for the adult residents (the over 16s) of the London Borough of Ealing.


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Coping with bereavement

Bereavement is the sense of grief and loss you experience when someone close to you dies. When this happens, you go through a process of mourning: numbness, anger and sadness are all feelings you may experience. Working through your grief can be a painful process, but it is often necessary to ensure your emotional and physical wellbeing later.

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Bereavement counselling can help you to explore your feelings and come to terms with your grief by talking one to one with a trained counsellor. You will have a number of sessions with your counsellor spread over weeks or months, until you are ready to stop. During these sessions you can talk about how you feel and your counsellor will listen and comment, rather than giving you advice.


Our counsellors are volunteers, trained in counselling skills and bereavement issues. They are either qualified or nearing completion of their training. Many receive ongoing, extensive training to develop their skills and are committed to working to the highest possible standards. Often they are registered with a professional organisation and all are working to established codes of practice.

Supporting Bereft

Bereft is a registered charity. To ensure the continuation of the Bereft service, we ask for a donation at each session according to what each client can afford. We are also very grateful to other donors who support us. Donations will be applied to our general charitable services.

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