Working with Us

Thank you for considering a placement as part of the Bereft counselling team.
We welcome applications from people wishing to work with Bereft as voluntary counsellors, either from those who have already finished their training and qualified, or from those who are looking for a counselling placement. You will need to have obtained a counselling certificate, or be in your second year of training or further.

Please complete and submit an Application Form. It is often wise to contact the office first to check out questions you may have at this point.

You will be contacted once we have received your application in order to arrange a meeting. This is to run through a number of questions in order to discover whether you would be suited to us and are ready to take on our clients, and for you to learn more about Bereft and whether you think we could work together. Please do not apply more than a couple of months in advance of when you would wish to start with us if invited to do so.


Although we regard the Person-Centred approach as most suitable for bereavement counselling, we accept applications from most humanistic approaches, including Existential, Integrative, Gestalt, etc.


All counsellors invited to join Bereft are given a full induction.


Bereft supervision meetings take place once a month for 2 hours and are mandatory for our bereavement counsellors. There are six supervision groups, made up of four counsellors and one Bereft supervisor. Each of these six groups has its own location and meeting time and you are required to attend the group that you have been allocated to.


Support is offered to our bereavement counsellors by the staff in the office when requested, as well as by supervisors in between sessions so that you need never feel you are on your own. We encourage you to discuss problems with us – either about a client – or personal ones which might be hindering your availability for client work.